Monthly Archives: March 2007

Death & Taxes

It’s tax time and YouTube is having a contest “The TAX RAP” sponsored by TurboTax with a prize of $25,000. Here is one of the videos “Death & Taxes” to enjoy while you are preparing your taxes or getting them ready for your accountant.

QuickBooks Service Discontinuation Plan

Computers love or hate em, sometimes they are frustrating!

QUICKBOOKS creates more business for itself from its own customers. Forcing them to upgrade their software.

As many QuickBooks users do not need the most current version to run their accounting and bookkeeping system. The only way that you are forced to upgrade is when the software company discontinues a specific version of a program and also eliminates the support of that software.

If you are currently using QuickBooks 2004 – QuickBooks Assisted Payroll, your next recent release from QuickBooks.

“On May 31, 2007, we are discontinuing QuickBooks Assisted Payroll for QuickBooks 2004.”

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