Quickbooks Solution to Internet Explorer 7

On November 19, 2006, I let you know about a problem with 2005 editions of Quickbooks after having installed Internet Explorer 7.

Quickbooks has come up with a patch to allow the 2005 edition to work.

QuickBooks Alert!

There is now an update from QuickBooks that will make QuickBooks 2005 compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. There is also an update for QuickBooks 2004 that will remove the Internet Explorer 7 warning message if your machine must run Internet Explorer 7

Please go to www.QuickBooks.com/support/IE7 for the solution.

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One response to “Quickbooks Solution to Internet Explorer 7

  1. I did not find the update for QB 2004. And even if such an update exists, if it only removes the warning msg, what good is that?

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